The Year of Dump Analysis in Retrospection

The Year of Dump Analysis, 0x7DA, was another remarkable year for Here is the list of major achievements to report:

- Proposed software narratological framework

- Extended the concept of multithreading with adjoint threading

- After recognizing victimware as a counterpart to crimeware established (currently points to Memory Dump, Software Trace, Debugging and Malware Analysis Portal)

- Established the Dublin School of Security

- Proposed using category theory for memory dump analysis as an alternative to set-theoretical frameworks

- Made Memory Dump Analysis Anthology available to major universities, Fortune 50 companies, leading training organizations, and libraries worldwide via Safari Books Online

- Secured the first Memory Dump Analysis Audit Service and its subsidiary Tool Objects: Unified Troubleshooting and Debugging to become portal sponsors

- Completely redesigned Debugging Experts Magazine Online

- Contributed to two issues of Debugged! MZ/PE magazine: Multithreading and Tools for Software Problem Solving

- Published the 4th volume of Memory Dump Analysis Anthology with color supplement

- Prepared material for the 5th volume of Memory Dump Analysis Anthology (to be published in January, 2011)

- Organized the first Debugging Jokes Competition and the first Tell Your Windows Debugging Story Competition

- Established the Metaphysical Society of Ireland to promote memory dump worldview

- Helped to deliver Fundamentals of Complete Crash and Hang Memory Dump Analysis webinar

- Established the Museum of Debugging and Memory Dumps (the 1st exhibition opens in 2011)

- Introduced Unified Debugging patterns, Workaround patterns and Structural Memory Analysis patterns

- Proposed and organized the first Memory Analysts and Debuggers Day (to be celebrated annually)

- Continued working on CARE research project and published its reference architecture

- Unified memory dump and software trace analysis patterns as software behavior patterns

- Memory Dump Analysis Anthology got international recognition when Korean translation of 1st volume was published.

... and much more including many new memory dump and software trace analysis patterns, pattern icons, pattern models, and pattern-driven analysis case studies.