Arts & Photography

Some cartoons and bugtations are featured in this full-color book:

Dumps, Bugs and Debugging Forensics


Computer Memory Photographs:

Virtual Memory Pictures (Book)
Physical Memory Pictures (7Mb JPEG)
Core Memory (Book Review)
Virtual to Physical Memory Mapping
A Sample Memory Dump Analysis Services Certificate




A Pause before Crash / Do Nothing and Crash
Nothingness and Crash
Colored Opcodes

Physicalist and Memory Space Art:

Blue in a gate: memory dump and minidumps
Hot Issues
Memory Dump
Memory Hot Spot and The Illusion of Fix
Shared Section
Memory Space Road to The Ultimate Fix
Memorianic Lunch
Structure and Noise
Component Trace
Ana-Trace-Log-Lyzer and Closed Session
Computer Memory Gardens
Race Condition in a Kernel Pool
Memory Interfaces
Bleeding Memory
Picture Frame for Memory Dumps
Hot Computation: Memory On Fire
Chance Exceptions in A Turing Machine
Paleo-debugging: Excavated Minidump
No E-numbers Software Product Sticker
Stack Trace
Defect in Defect
Debugger's Dream
Happy New Year
A Bug Meets a Bug (The Clash of Civilizations)
A Bug in a Bag (Collections, Ex-hi-bit 1)
Computer Brain
Liquid Memory
A Memory Window
M Spaces
Pointers in Nature
After Debugging
Surfaces in Nature
Salad Winterminal
"Kernel" Soup (from Puree Windows Cooking)
Neolithic Soup "puoS kroP"
Food Subsystems
An Accident of Creation
So Chi Salad, 2014
"Self-Organized Window"-ed soup (from Puree Windows Cooking series)
Bang Debugging
Bug Hunter
Working on MartellOS (Martello Tower, East Point)
Lunch Design Pattern No.1 (from Food Architecture, Design and Implementation Patterns)
Look, there's a Bug!
My Computer Celebrates Halloween
Check The Plug
50 Shades of Crash Dump
Proportionate Disproportionate Proportion
Autoportrait in 5 Objects
Chip Forensics
Industrial Windows
Hidden Bug
Coincidental Symbolic Information Pattern
Pisa Fault System Model
System Playing Tetris
Component-Based Bug Architecture
Heap Block Corruption
Linked List
Packed and Unpacked Structures
The Stack of Words
Sluggish System under Observation
Development Muses
Pattern Inside and Outside
Russian Binary
Secret Binary Representation with Flip-Flop Technology
Edible CPU Chip
Cloud Patches


Pattern Icons

Computicart (Computical Art):

Cloud Traces
What is to be done?
2012 (pessimistic)
2012 (optimistic)
A Bug Catcher
Software Diagnostics
Computer Evolution
Happy Hellowin!
Drink Sensibly Before The End Of The World!
HI (Holes Infinity) OS
The Power of Simplicity
A Dump Machine
Happy St. Patrick’s Screen
Hero of Dump Analysis, a medal for Labour Day
Diagnosed by Vostokov®TM
Stack Trace Shapes
The Art of Internals
I Love Software Diagnostics
The Day I Quit
Needs non-invasive debugging!
Russian Spaces
Café WoW
Glass of Water Dump
Memory Dump Analysis
Organic Incidents and Bad Stench
Happy Valentine's Day!
Computer Universe
Failed Surveillance
Debugging Allegory on FEB 23
Object in Signaled State
Kernel Space Starts with 8
The Day of ST. P. The Elimination of Snakes.
The Fifth Column
Kernel Works
The Meaning of Life (according to my favorite debugger)
Control your software emissions!
Happy Debugging Card (Halloween Style)

Debugging Art (miscellaneous):

Annotated Stack Trace


Diagnostics Designer Glasses