Application of Trace and Log Analysis Patterns to Image Analysis: Introducing Space-like Narratology

A while ago, we introduced Special and General trace and log analysis with the emphasis on causality. However, both types are still time-like, based on explicit or implicit time ordering. We now extend the same pattern-oriented analysis approach to image analysis where the ordering of “messages,” “events” or simply some “data” is space-like, or even metric-like (with the additional direction if necessary). In the initial step, we replace Time coordinate with some metric based on the nature of data, for example, the case of Periodic Error is shown in this simplified spatial picture:

Similar replacement can be done in case of Time Delta -> Space Delta -> Metric Delta and Discontinuity. We are now assessing the current 170 analysis patterns* (where most of them are time-like) in terms of their applicability to image analysis and submit analysis pattern extensions.

* Trace and Log Analysis: A Pattern Reference for Diagnostics and Anomaly Detection, Third Edition, forthcoming (ISBN: 978-1912636044)