Riemann Root Cause Analysis Pattern Language

Image generated by 3D-XplorMath

Incepted and named in February 2009 shortly before the first software trace and log analysis pattern was published in April the same year, Riemann Programming Language was thought of as a software problem description language capable of generating software problem-solving tools (including TaaS version). A book was planned for publication in 2010: The Riemann Programming Language (ISBN: 978-1906717605). The main motivation at that time for the name was the metaphorical correspondence between multi-valued functions represented by Riemann surfaces and software defects as alternative branches of computation. Since the significant development of pattern-oriented software diagnostics, introduction of network and performance analysis pattern languages and patterns-based root cause analysis methodology we now make Riemann Programming Language an optional coding complement to Riemann Root Cause Analysis Pattern Language. The latter includes diagnostic analysis pattern languages for trace analysis and memory analysis developed by Software Diagnostics Institute including structural memory patterns in the context of general log analysis. We can now consider another analogy with multi-valued functions where the same general diagnostic patterns in a memory dump or log can be generated by different source code. Riemann RCA Pattern Language facilitates the transformation of software narrative artefacts into much shorter analysis narratives through the process of articoding. The resulting analysis artefacts can be programmatically processed to generate diagnostic, troubleshooting and debugging configurations, classes and functions, frameworks and plugins, components and nodes. The following diagram describes this process:

The Riemann programming language should not be confused with Riemann monitoring system which was named and developed later elsewhere by a different group of people and which is about collecting events and not about their collective analysis using pattern-oriented analysis methodology developed by Software Diagnostics Institute. Regarding event monitoring, Software Diagnostics Institute also develops platform-independent software trace and log acquisition patterns for better use of various monitoring systems.