REPL Streaming (REPLS)

When we interact with a debugger, we use the so-called REPL, Read-Execute-Print-Loop (where we replace Eval in traditional REPL). We type some command, it is executed by a debugger engine against a memory dump, the results are printed, and we repeat. However, the results can be streamed for further processing, for example, to automate certain analysis patterns, for example, Structure Sheaves (as distributed logs), Region Profiles, and Region Clusters (we list recently added analysis patterns). In the background, the stream processing results are provided back to the debugger Print phase (or in parallel as a further diagnostic aid).

In the case of software traces and logs, streaming is a natural part of processing. But CoTraces fit into REPLS (processed results can also form Message Annotations), and generally, Diags.

REPS is an architectural pattern, and it is now added to our catalog of software diagnostics architecture patterns.