The Dream of Quantum Software Diagnostics

We are adding quantum computing to our research agenda now by coining "Quantum Software Diagnostics" as a way to analyze different parts of very large software execution artifacts simultaneously, make sense of entire software traces and logs, and predict software behavior (software prognostics). It contains two adjoint phrases centered around Software: left adjoint Quantum Software Diagnostics and right adjoint Quantum Software Diagnostics. The former is about diagnosing quantum software, and the latter is about applying quantum methods to problems of software diagnostics.

In June 2009, we wrote in Memory Dump Analysis Anthology, Volume 3:

"Quantum computation, quantum memory, and quantum information are hot topics today. Unfortunately, quantum mechanics forbids perfect (ideal) memory dumps due to the so-called no-cloning theorem. Still, it is possible to get inconsistent (imperfect) memory dumps, and perfect memory dumps can be made from quantum computer simulators. The analysis of quantum memory snapshots is the domain of Quantum Memoretics."

Since then, we have added traces and logs, text, narrative, data to our pattern-oriented analysis approach. Now we broaden the application of quantum ideas and algorithms and add quantum information processing to our decades' long interest in contemporary mathematics, quantum theory foundations and applications to various domains, logic, semiotics, categories, and recently, in ML/AI, unconventional computing, conceptual mathematics, topos theory, and functional programming.