A Pattern Language for Performance Analysis

We introduce a new software diagnostics pattern sub-catalogue based on trace and log analysis patterns. It now includes the following performance analysis patterns (with more patterns added soon):

Counter Value
Global Monotonicity
Constant Value

Many general log analysis patterns based on software narratology are applicable to performance monitoring logs because they structure analysis data and corresponding thought process:

Adjoint Thread (can be visualized via different colours on a graph)
Focus of Tracing
Characteristic Message Block (for graphs)
Activity Region
Significant Event
and many others.

The goal is to discern, describe, and classify general regularities and their interactions in captured performance data including analysis approaches reused across different operating systems, products, and their performance monitoring and analysis tools. Such Pattern-Oriented Performance Analysis as a part of Pattern-Oriented Software Diagnostics includes pattern-driven, pattern-based, and systemic parts.