The Timeless Way of Diagnostics

Paraphrasing 2 classical books of architecture written by Christopher Alexander, et al. "The Timeless Way of Building" and "A Pattern Language: Towns, Buildings, Construction" we would like to introduce the complete restructuring of multivolume Memory Dump Analysis Anthology into the projected 10 volume "A Pattern Language for Software Diagnostics, Forensics, and Prognostics: Memory, Traces, Deconstruction". The first volume is planned for the beginning of October (ISBN: 978-1908043818) and then we plan to release additional volume every month until next Summer. The reference will have better browsing and cross-referencing format, additional examples and case studies. It will incorporate comments and new pattern knowledge acquired since the first patterns were described 8 years ago. The new edition will cover only patterns and will not include additional content found in Memory Dump Analysis Anthology such as philosophy and art. Here's the preliminary front cover based on Software Diagnostics Institute logo:

Memory Dump Analysis Anthology will continue to be released with Volume 8 planned for 2015 and include up to date research from Software Diagnostics Institute and additional topics not included in "A Pattern Language for Software Diagnostics, ...".