Dump2Picture 2

11 years ago, we introduced static natural memory visualization technique according to our memory visualization tool classification. The program we wrote appended BMP file header at the beginning of a DMP file (the source code was published in Memory Dump Analysis Anthology, Volume 2). However, it had the limitation of 4GB BMP image file format which we followed strictly. Because of that, we switched to other image processing tools that allow interpretation of memory as a RAW picture (see Large-scale Structure of Memory Space). Recently, some readers of Memory Dump Analysis Anthology, researchers, and memory visualization enthusiasts asked me for the updated version that can handle memory dumps bigger than 4GB. To allow bigger files, we used the workaround (which we plan to add to our Workaround Patterns catalog) by ignoring the file size structure fields for file sizes higher than 4GB. Some image file viewers ignore these fields (we used IrfanView 64-bit for testing). We took the opportunity to use the latest C++17 standard while refactoring the Windows legacy source code.

The full source code and Visual Studio 17 solution with built Release x64 executable can be found here: https://bitbucket.org/softwarediagnostics/dump2picture

Below are some images we produced.

The picture of the memory dump used in Hyperdump memory analysis pattern:

The picture of the complete 16GB memory dump saved after system start:

The picture of the complete 16GB memory dump saved after a few days of system work: