CARE: Crash Analysis Report Environment

Welcome to the project CARE!

We now also accept GDB logs and crash reports from Mac OS X and iOS.

CARE means Crash Analysis Report Environment. It includes a pattern-driven debugger log analyzer and standards for structured audience-driven reports. The system architecture is described here.

Please help to populate the database of stack traces by submitting your WinDbg and GDB output logs including Mac OS X and iOS crash reports. For Windows you can use VBScript / WinDbg script to process all .DMP files on your hard drives: The archive contains VBScript file for x64 WinDbg (DebuggerLogs64.vbs) and for x86 WinDbg (DebuggerLogs.vbs) plus the very simple mode-independent WinDbg script (DebuggerLogs.wds). The WinDbg output is stored in dbgeng.log file.

Note: Please do not submit your crash or core dumps because the file size is limited to 2 MB and CARE system is currently being designed to analyze debugger logs and crash reports only. If your log is bigger you can submit a zip file. If you have any problems please contact the administrator. Please do not expect any crash analysis response for your logs or reports. The submittal is currently for internal CARE database population only and not for the pattern analysis of your computer memory.