Training: Accelerated Windows Memory Forensics

Learn how to navigate through memory space and discover forensic artefacts. We use a unique and innovative pattern-driven analysis approach to speed up the learning curve. The training consists of practical step-by-step exercises using Microsoft WinDbg debugger from Debugging Tools for Windows to diagnose structural memory patterns in x86 and x64 physical and process memory dumps. Patterns of memory acquisition are also covered.

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Software Diagnostics Services ( organizes a training course:

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Prerequisites: Working knowledge of Windows. Operating system internals concepts are explained when necessary.

Audience: Security researchers, malware analysts, digital forensics engineers who have never used WinDbg for analysis of computer memory. The course will also be useful for technical support and escalation engineers who analyse memory dumps from complex software environments and need to go deeper in their analysis of abnormal software structure and behaviour.