Training: Accelerated Windows Memory Dump Analysis

Learn how to analyze application, service and system crashes and freezes, navigate through memory dump space and diagnose heap corruption, memory leaks, CPU spikes, blocked threads, deadlocks, wait chains, and much more. We use a unique and innovative pattern-driven analysis approach to speed up the learning curve. The training consists of more than 20 practical step-by-step exercises using WinDbg highlighting more than 50 patterns diagnosed in 32-bit and 64-bit process, kernel and complete memory dumps.

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Software Diagnostics Services ( organizes a training course:

If you are registered you are allowed to optionally submit your memory dumps before the training. This will allow us in addition to the carefully constructed problems tailor extra examples to the needs of the attendees.

The training consists of 4 two-hour sessions (2 hours every day). When you finish the training you additionally get:

  1. A full transcript in PDF format with more than 100 questions and answers (retail price $300)
  2. 6 volumes of Memory Dump Analysis Anthology in PDF format (retail price $120)
  3. A personalized attendance certificate with unique CID (PDF format)
  4. Free Software Diagnostics Library membership with access to 200 cross-referenced patterns of memory dump analysis, their classification and more than 70 case studies

Prerequisites: Basic Windows troubleshooting

Audience: Software technical support and escalation engineers, system administrators, security professionals, software developers and quality assurance engineers.

At this time available only in a PDF book format with $50 discount.

Training testimonials:

I would like to thank you and recommend your training. I think that the “Accelerated Windows Memory Dump Analysis” training is a pin-point, well taught training. I think it’s the leading training in the dump analysis area and I’ve enjoyed it, the books and materials are very detailed and well written and Dmitry answered all of the needed question. In addition after the training Dmitry sent a PDF with written answers and more information about the questions that were asked. I will give this training 5/5. Thank you Dmitry. --Yaniv Miron, Security Researcher, IL.Hack

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