Advanced .NET Debugging


Mario Hewardt


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I've just started reading this book (see my notes on Software Generalist blog) and this review is written from the perspective of an unmanaged and native software engineer (the last phrase sounds funny). Being a member of a software support of a large software company I analyze crash dumps that have mscorwks.dll on their stack traces. So if you see them too this book helps you to understand what this DLL is all about and how to dig inside the hidden world of .NET it manages. I'm on page 26 and will update this review as soon as I finish the book in a few months. Please also see my review of the previous Mario's (co-authored with Daniel Pravat) book: Advanced Windows Debugging. It is of great importance to know .NET world for Windows maintenance engineers and I originally planned a similar book Unmanaged Code: Escaping the Matrix of .NET but didn't have time to finish it yet.

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